Effects Of Middle School Sports Essay

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Middle School Sports get more competitive every year as the kids get more specialized in their sport that they are doing. They are willing to do anything to get a win for their school. Including sacrificing their body to get a charge in basketball, or dive to get the ball in volleyball, and probably the most dangerous tackling and butting heads in football. All these sports can cause serious damage to their brains and hurt their grades in the process.
There is a high risk of concussions when playing middle school sports. Concussions from sports have tripled in the past decade, according to The Journal of Pediatrics, Pressure on Teen Athletes Soars. This means that students who play football, basketball, volleyball and wrestling are more at risk of getting a concussion than students who don’t play any sports at all. If we get rid of these sports, there will be more kids participating in other activities such as Stuco or Science Olympiad. Some symptoms of a concussion include : nausea, dizziness, depression, trouble concentrating and more importantly, they would have
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On average a school sport meets nearly every weekday and practices last over an hour. That evens out to anywhere between five and ten hours of practice a week. Put this into an already busy schedule and grades are bound to suffer. This really comes into play if a student gets an injury, such as a concussion that causes them to lose lots of school. A concussion can keep you out of school for up to a week, but symptoms can last up to three months. Losing all of this school time can limit education and negatively affect grades. This gets even worse if somebody plays multiple sports at the same time. Even if they you play them at different times you are still expected to work on that sport during the off season making time even harder to manage. Most people just overlook these challenges and argue that kids have nothing to do without any
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