Effects Of Migration In India

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CRIME AGAINST MIGRANT IN MUMBAI INTRODUCTION:- However,migration is considered as a potential source of social disorder and crime. Several explanations have been provided in Indian context, but none of these provided a sound analysis of the linkage between migration and crime. In India migration, population is around 30 % of the total population. According to the census , the population of migration has not been coming down over the decades, migration plays an important role in the development of economy, on the other hand due to the heavy migration it will increase the pressure on an area, which is more developed. Migration plays an important player in the human civilisation, it reflects human ability to survive in the both natural and man made, migration in India is not a new concept, it has existed since historically. India is going through a complete change in demographic change, as a result, people are migrate from one state to another for the better opportunities for their house. Munch of the movement is rural to urban, because due to the large cities or mega cities, people had been coming for the better lives. Due to the explanation of transport and communication, it has become a part of a worldwide process of industrialization and urbanization. In most of the countries it has been observed that the large scale of industrialization and urbanization result large scale movement of people from village to town, from one town to another town. When we study migration in
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