Migration In South Africa Essay

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Migration has always been driven by differences in economic opportunity among countries and has often been concentrated in areas marked by large differences of income per capita. For example, in many regions around the world the economically strong countries have been the ones attracting migrants from relatively poor neighbours and near neighbours. This has also been the case for South Africa, as a relatively wealthier country in the South African region, which has attracted migrants from their neighbours. According to the Centre for Development and Enterprise (2011):
Though the long-term benefits of migration for migrants and their countries of destination are well established, managing the social, economic and political stresses that arise
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Our organisation has been working with the Department of Home Affairs for quite some time now in the migration policy issues. In order to help curb the current migration issues in South Africa, it would be advisable to have a more open migration policy as this will best serve the national interests, which should be analysed in a regional context. This should also maximises economic growth in South and southern Africa and minimises the negative side-effects of relatively high levels of immigration, that is, the issues South Africa has faced in the past…show more content…
It is clear that problems of transit lie at the heart of many of the difficult issues such as the ones caused by the overflow of immigrants from neighbouring countries. South Africa’s migration policy must be premised on economic and geographic realities, and must put South Africa’s national interest first. South Africa need an immigration policy whose principal purpose is the aggressive recruitment of skilled people. This is vital to economic development and for increasing our ability to educate and train young South
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