Effects Of Mobile Phones On Teenagers

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Effects of Cell Phones on Teenagers Phones are such as a revolution in this world. Phones become nowadays like an essential thing that nobody can think of completing his life without honing it. Without it, people will get lost. Most of the parents nowadays thinking of bringing a cell phone as a gift for their teenagers birthday. The reason that makes parents doing that they want to let them have fun by chatting, calling and playing video games. In other words, have fun with it. Also, when parents want to reassure their teen, parents can do that by calling him or her. However, parents do not recognize that by giving a teenager this kind of devices might affect them in a negative way. In these days, thousands of teenagers are suffering from the bad effects that a cell phone led to them. Health, communication, and crimes are the major effects of cell phones. Cell phones can lead many dangerous health problems to teenagers. By giving teens cell phone, they may probably spend most of their time on text and play video games Also, by contacting with friends by calling them for hours, It can make teens suffer from hearing loss because phones damage the inner ear. Moreover, by using a cell phone, a teenager will spend most of his time sitting on the chair without moving. In other words, let them only sit and talk. By this way, teenagers will have the obesity problem. In other words, getting overweight. A lot of teenagers nowadays are suffering from obesity, in order to they stay in

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