British Multiculturalism

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6) In what ways has multiculturalism been a success and a failure in the UK?

Multiculturalism is the coexistence of different cultures. It is well known that it includes religious, racial and cultural groups. It manifests itself in the habits, behaviour, culture, values and patterns of thinking and styles of communication. The multiplicity of cultures in a multicultural society enriches the cultural space, but it can also cause controversy, and even a violent conflict. Understanding other cultures helps people to easily adapt to a new environment to live and work with people from distinct cultures. A very positive attitude towards people from different cultures and entering into relations with their representatives is significant because
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The British policy is very beneficial because equal rights are for everyone without any coercion to forego their cultural identity. British Multiculturalism is an ideology that says that society should allow for an equal status to different cultural groups. For many people, religious and ethnic mosaic in the UK is the subject of affirmation, the essence of multiculturalism and tolerance for diversity. For part of the society, a multitude of national, ethnic and religious minorities symbolizes the disappearance of traditional British values, the importance of which is decreasing in the face of the multiplicity of cultures currently existing in the United Kingdom. The colonial history had a huge impact on the formation of migration and immigration. Also the relations with countries of the Commonwealth of Nations were very…show more content…
The elements hindering integration is the lack of knowledge about rights and responsibilities, lack of knowledge of the English language among immigrants, lack of professional qualifications, and poor communication. In multicultural countries, such as the United Kingdom, in addition to integration issues, they began to consider the wider problem of the relationship between communities and the issue of social cohesion. Category of social cohesion also began to be used in the context of social policy in the search for practical ways to prevent tensions and conflicts and combine a variety of groups in harmoniously functioning country that respects the diversity of its members and to ensure certain rights to everyone, including immigrants. The concept of "integration" appearing next to assimilation, multiculturalism, and segregation is based on a process of mutual adaptation between immigrants and the host society for example in social, economic, political and cultural aspect. Integration is a two-way process, involving the host society, which should create both a place for different identities of immigrants, as well as mechanisms for their consistent coexistence with the culture of the host country. Immigrants have an obligation to accept the culture (values and language)
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