Effects Of Multitasking

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Most of us believe that we are amazing at multitasking, but the reality of the truth is that most of us are not even close to being decent at doing it. Now let’s say that we try to multitask and drive that puts us at a bigger risk and most of us seem to be ignoring the problem like it’s not a real issue. Nevertheless, research clearly shows that nothing positive can come from us multitasking and driving. So what is multitasking? According to Dr. David. Sanbonmatsu, et al, they explain that when people multitask “they engage in multiple tasks aimed at attaining multiple goals simultaneously”. It’s really unknown when and why a person would multitask and it’s also hard to figure out who is most likely to do it. He also adds that performing…show more content…
It’s one of the major causes for car accidents. People are so addicted to technology that they are willing to risk their lives and the lives of others trying to multitask and drive. Susan Weinschenk, author of “Why We Are All Addicted to Text, Twitter and Google,” explains that the cause for us being addicted to our social media is dopamine. Arvid Carlsson and Nils-Ake Hillarp at the National Heart Institute of Sweden state that dopamine is created in different areas of the brain and is very important to many brain functions. One of those functions is seeking and reward (qtd. In Weinschenk, par. 2). She states that the seeking and reward factor of the dopamine system keeps us intrigued and wanting to learn more. If always active and ready to trigger it makes it less likely that we will stop searching for new information. She also explains that when we are satisfied with what we have found that isn’t always enough because we will always want more than what we are currently satisfied with (pars. 5, 6). This process makes it very difficult to ignore social media, so when we receive a notification while driving we are just unable to ignore our phones because our brain has the dopamine system active. It’s much easier to put our phones on silent while driving so we won’t hear our notifications that instantly draws our eyes from the road to our…show more content…
Although distractions while driving are never good, some of them just won’t be avoided but texting while driving can be avoided. It’s no one’s fault but our own. According to Nathan Seppa, author of “Impactful Distraction” texting is the highest distraction for drivers. He also explains that in a recent survey, 40% of high school students had used their phones while driving (pars. 36, 39). That’s a high number of teens that put everyone at risk because of the urge to text while driving. Seppa also adds that according to the National Safety Council 100,000 plus crashes a year are caused because of texting while driving (par. 40). So what is our government doing to try and prevent people from texting and driving? Jeff Hecht, author of “Just Hang Up and Drive” explains that 41 states have banned people from texting while driving and six different states have banned teens from using their phones while driving. This didn’t come into effect until many accidents occurred in which they couldn’t ignore the problem any longer (par. 10). So next time we are driving and get tempted by a message just remember that most of us are not good and multitasking and driving. Instead of being worried about what people are saying lets be more concern about staying safe while on the road. No social media update is worth a
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