Frankenstein Narcissism Analysis

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Discuss How Victor's Narcissism Lead To His Downfall The novel "Frankenstein" which was written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley deals with the Enlightenment period in England at the 19th century, the endless insist to pursuit after discoveries and development, which leads the main character Victor to create a Monster, because of attempt to create something extraordinary but unfortunately the upcoming troubles were not expected to happen. The industrial era, which waged fear of lack in faith and going far from God in the British society at that time. The rise of the Narcissism phenomenon on the account of family, different relationships and focus on formation of the self rather than family intimacy. This essay explains the term narcissism…show more content…
Both of Sigmund Freud and Fredrick Nietzsche argue that the Narcissism phenomenon is based on self-interest and remarkable care on the one's own personality while ignoring the others feelings, the person who is recognized with Narcissism is more often suffer from certain disorders, such as avoiding social interactions, irresponsibility toward different issues in addition to weird reactions and behaviors. Thus, we can relate the issue of victor as egoistic and isolated persona from the social life, Freud maintains" Neurosis is the result of a conflict between the ego and its id, whereas relation between the ego and its environment (outer world)". (Sigmund Freud, 1959, pp.250-251). Victor has inner self-conflicts between what happens in real-time and his own character which needs to be "chasing" after greatness and self-care, his choices toward the current events are main hints to his narcissistic thinking. Moreover that, Fredrick Nietzsche argues:" its care for the future promised in him which gives the well-constituted individual such an extraordinary right to egoism". Nietzsche adds that the narcissism is always has a strong connection with the pleasure for his own profit, as long as the egoistic character seek for receiving his own leisure the others will be neglected and things get wasted because of his
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