Effects Of Nationalism In America

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A country without pride is a country that will not stand. Apathy toward a country causes strife between generations of people and leads to a divided and unhappy nation. Many people dislike the way things are but do nothing to change it, instead people take the road of complaint. In the United States, or any country, no one will ever agree on everything completely. Though people do not agree, there have been times in history where the United States have been brought together over many common goals. The community between cities, states, regions and the country as a whole are unique because the United States is such a diverse country. These times in history have been some of the best times in history for the United States. Nationalism had a positive effect on the United States during the twentieth century because it unified a divided nation over four common goals. Nationalism takes time, effort, and sometimes even people’s lives for it to develop. This can occur through both good events and bad events. “Nationalism is a movement in which the citizens of a nation-state demonstrate a clear loyalty and devotion to the specific social, economic, and cultural interests of their nation, often to the exclusion of international interests.” (Nationalism). Nationalism in America is not something that has been around since the country was first independent; it took time to develop. “For nationalism to flourish, it was obvious that the United States had to prove its experiment
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