Effects Of Noise Pollution

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During the last few years, concerns with the environment quality have been increasing due to the increase of the sound levels around us, where sound levels can be measured by a unit which is called decibel. Beside that noise may not be seen as harmful as the water or the air contamination, noise pollution, which is defined as all unwanted sounds that intrudes into daily activities, is a problem that affects the health of all human beings and contributes to general deterioration of the environmental quality. Scientifics are discovering a lot about what is contributing to noise pollution, but don’t know yet in details to what extend noise pollution could lead. So, what could be the effects of noise pollution? Noise pollution has a very high impact on human life, animal life and environmental life. To begin with, noise pollution is spreading more and more around us every day. Studies have shown that noise pollution is generally affecting and disturbing the human balance. A lot of scientist have proven that high levels of noise can contribute to cardiovascular effects. This effect has garnered in the past years a lot of attention toward the public whereas the researches behind all the experiments that have been made have a long history. According to Babisch W., “The cardiovascular effects of noise have been the source of growing interest in recent years. This is because - on the one hand - evidence has increased that noise affects cardiovascular health. High blood

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