Effects Of Online Shopping

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The battle between Online and Physical shopping is never ending. As we know the physical store

concept is the oldest trend of shopping whereas online has just arrived within the few years.

Then also some people prefer physical store shopping as new cannot replace the whole concept,

but it can definitely give an impact. Day by day, the way of shopping has changed and people

have become fast and quick. In order to save time and money fast medium i.e. online shopping is

preferred more over physical stores. Online shopping has helped people of all age groups to shop

as people who could not walk can also now shop. They just need an internet access and can

choose amongst the variety of goods and services they want to avail or buy. Whereas people with

no time are also benefited with this media. Amongst all the surveys online shopping has been

proved the fastest as well as high growth mode of shopping as it is helping people to get

convenience and also helping government to grow in e-commerce sector. It has also increased

the job opportunities as more and more call centers are required. Online shopping has not

replaced physical stores completely but has affected and has made the largest contribution in the

sector. It has helped the people who were away from shopping and has increased the growth
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