Effects Of Overpopulation Essay

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Many countries in the world are presently going through the problems that are caused by rapidly increasing populations in urban areas, and for this both the government and individuals must have a duty to find means to overcome this problem. Overpopulation can lead to congestion and poor quality of housing in many large cities. Another serious implication of overpopulation is escalating crime rate as deprived living conditions may lead young generation in particular to take despairing measures and might indulge in crime or to drugs. Many environmental and social issues may arise as the result of growing population. Several variables may be the reason of an increasing population. Increased immigration and lack of migration can be credited for…show more content…
Also, students can be taught at school level to make them inform about these problems. According to studies, Better Education is one measure and one of the first measures is to implement the policies that reflect social change as educating the masses would help understand the need to have one or two children at the most. As population of the world is growing at a swift rate, raising alertness among the people regarding family planning and making them aware about the effects of overpopulation can help control the growth of population. Education can solve this problem by transforming the school curriculum with the help of including information on levels of population and its implications for the future. School and government should practice the activity or provide classes to inform the students and families about population growth and tell them about the effects of overpopulation on lives (Mishign studies,

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