Positive Effects Of Overpopulation In Canada

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In the 1900s, the total population of Canada was 5,310,000, and a century after in 2000, it sextupled to 30.77 million people. Despite a fertility rate of 1.6 children per female, Canada’s current population growth rate is 1.2% . If this continues at this rate, it would result in a doubling of the population. There will be less habitable and arable land for our citizens to live on and people are more liable to falling ill easily as air-borne illness can be easily transmitted between citizens. Medical personnel may not be able to be deployed efficiently to treat the sick. Other effects of overpopulation includes rise in unemployment rate and higher cost of living. Thus, Canada realises that the increase in numbers does not benefit our society in the near future. Canada believes…show more content…
Our immigration officers admit immigrants based on family class, refugees and independent immigrants. Canada agrees that a controlled increase in arrivals is required if Canada's current population size is to be maintained. If there is an influx of immigrants entering our country, Canada would lose more of its habitable and arable land and population size will definitely increase drastically. If an epidemic breaks out in Canada, there may be insufficient medical personnel deployed to treat the sick. Also, unfavourable conditions like poverty, environmental degradation and climate change would start to occur more frequently. Thus, with our own immigration policy, we hope to achieve maintainable immigration rates so as to prevent overpopulation.
Also, the Population Institute of Canada (PIC), a non-governmental
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