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The Effects of Pesticides The United States uses more than one billion pounds of pesticides every year; that is about three pounds per person (“10 Facts About Pesticides”). For years, farmers, scientists, and the general public have been debating about the use of these chemicals in the process of growing food. Are they safe? Are they necessary? The food industry seems to think so, considering the use of pesticides has grown rapidly since first invented over 4,500 years ago by the Sumerians (“History of Pesticide Use”). Food is not only one of the most important human needs, but it is also constantly high in demand. Any means that ensure the population won’t go hungry seem essential. However, it is important to consider how these unnatural…show more content…
Any animal that drinks water can be affected, due to surface water contamination. Pesticides can reach bodies of water through runoff that has come in contact with treated plants. According to a study performed by the U.S. Geological Survey on major basins across the country, more than “90 percent of water and fish samples from all streams contained one, or more often, several pesticides” (Aktar). These chemicals have proven to be linked to “cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, kidney and liver damage, birth defects and developmental changes in a wide range of species” (“Impacts of Pesticides”). By exposing animals to these detrimental substances, humans are putting the health of other species at risk. Not only can they be damaging to their health, but pesticides can also change animal behavior, detering their survival skills (“Impacts of Pesticides”). Plants that contain pesticides are also responsible for animal exposure. Even carnivores have been affected; when primary sources such as insects consume the tainted plants, they are in turn exposing the secondary consumers that consider them as prey (Mahmood). This continues until the chemicals make their way up the food chain and the entire ecosystem is

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