Effects Of Physical Attractiveness

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Abstract Table of Content Introduction - define PA and workplace -RQ - Why this is relevant - Context - Why I chose it - studies - strengths and weaknesses of studies Beauty and physical attractiveness (PA) is very present in out daily lives. Want to or not, people may associate one’s characteristics with their physical attractiveness. It affects us in ways we may not even realise. However, too narrow things down, this essay will focus on how physical attractiveness affects us in the workplace. To begin, we will have to look at, what is physical attractiveness? “PA is the degree to which one’s facial image elicits favourable reactions from others (Morrow, 1990).” Though there is no one reason, which makes one more or less physical attractive, studies have been done resulting with findings, which suggest multiple factors that effect physical attractiveness. In this very modern world, physical attractiveness plays a huge role in our lives. Everyday we are bombarded with ‘beautiful’ people in magazines, on screen and on billboards. Models and celebrities for example, rely quite substantially on their physical appearance to get their jobs. However, they are not the only ones. After reading through multiple studies, one can assume that very ordinary, common jobs are also affected by one’s physical attractiveness. This essay will investigate the research question: to what extent does one’s physical attractiveness affect him or her in the workplace? Physical attractiveness

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