Physiotherapy In The Human Body

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The human body is affected by many health conditions throughout its time and one of the major problems is bodily pains. The human body is likely to suffer from injuries at any point in time whether a person takes necessary precautions or not. In today’s fast paced life and advancement in the medical field, “Physiotherapy” is one of the preferences given by the doctors. Physiotherapy is a vital technique to manage back and neck pain which the human body experiences. This therapy has become one of the easiest and affordable modes of treatment and is highly considered by injured persons.
Physiotherapy according to the Oxford dictionary is, “The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and
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The costs of surgery cannot be regulated therefore, the fees for surgical treatment fluctuates within different regions. According to J.C. Smith, hospitals and doctors tend to make substantial amount of profit through conducting surgeries on patients who are not told there may be better and cheaper ways to solve their back pain. (Smith, 2011) Surgery for back and neck pain could also carry post-operative risks. Patients could develop complications due to the surgery which was never a problem before. As stated in the website WebMD, risks could include anaesthetic reaction, bleeding, stroke, clotting of blood and herniated disk. Another failure of having surgery for pain is that it does not have a proven success rate. Surgery is not always effective as there is a possibility that the pain experience had a different cause. According to Gordon Waddell, director of an orthopaedic surgical clinic, “back surgery has been accused of leaving more tragic human wreckage in its wake than any other operation in history" (Cleveland Clinic, 2013). Thus, surgery for treating of either back or neck pain is not a good option as it has many faults while there are better alternatives…show more content…
The health care provided by the physiotherapists has also been deemed to be cost effective. With physiotherapy not only will the patients save considerable amount of money but will also lead and live a healthy life. Physiotherapy also aids in reducing bodily pains in near future. Comprised of aerobic exercise and other exercises which make the body move will also help the patients in recovering from stress or other worrying issues after injury. Fiji, among many other nations has also recognized and is promoting the significance of physiotherapy in the country. Fiji has also implemented Physiotherapy study programme in one of its prominent Universities in order to produce highly skilled Physiotherapists for its citizens who will promote healthy treatment without the use of any

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