Effects Of Planned Parenthood

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A majority of these lower income areas is in Republican states, so that leads to confusion as to why this political party would want to defund such organizations when the people they represent need them. The Republican party’s attempts to derail Planned Parenthood has already had vast negative impacts upon the people in those states. Places like Florida and Texas, which have already cut down on the number of Planned Parenthood facilities, have some of the highest STD rates, the highest teen pregnancy rates, and lowest equality rates among women. And the lack of Planned Parenthood and restrictive laws to prevent similar organizations from popping up might be a direct reason why. Planned Parenthood is an organization that offers affordable assistance…show more content…
The organization was originally created during a time both birth control and abortion were illegal, so its presence was villainized from the get go. The group was continuously shut down, but since its conception illegal and backroom abortion rates dropped. As a result of women having means to prevent and ultimately end unwanted or dangerous pregnancies they abandoned, dangerous alternatives that were common practice in such situations. Planned Parenthood offered women a sense of control over their own bodies, something they had never experienced before and thus saved many of their lives. Often woman without the means or money to have legal abortions would go to dangerous lengths to rid themselves of the fetus, a majority of these procedures they underwent were life threatening. It left them sick, made them unable to have anymore children and in some serious cases resulted in their deaths, and even after so much suffering many women remained pregnant. Yet, not only was it the controversial practice of abortions that Planned Parenthood was offering, but also contraceptives that ultimately eliminated a vast need for abortions as well. Their steady supplying of contraceptives and the organization’s goal to educate women about safe sex helped lower not only teen pregnancies but unwanted ones as…show more content…
Planned Parenthood gave women the belief that they had control and a right over their own bodies and it was their choice to do as they please with it, which was groundbreaking ideal of its time. In an age that women where a property of either their fathers or of their husbands, who established complete control over these women, Planned Parenthood was an organization that went against these common practices. Margaret Sanger, creator of Planned Parenthood, wanted to change the most common practice of “‘breeding’ too many children” (Shaw 38) out of women even if they did not want them. Sanger, being such a progressive, feminist, had a series of ideal that dealt with the empowerment and rights of women in a way never seen before. So her desire to create a team to offer women, who she saw as trapped within the patriarchy, was understandable. She saw that women were conditioned to believe there was nothing wrong with their life and as such “they had to be made aware of how they were being shackled [by society], and roused to mutiny” (Shaw 38) to gain any rights. Planned Parenthood was a major step in the right direction for the Women’s Rights movement, removing it and its services that gave women so much freedom would destroy any progress
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