Effects Of Plastic Microbeads

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Sixty percent of seabirds have plastic in their gut, and researchers expect that more than ninety percent of seabirds have eaten plastic before (“Seabirds”). Plastic microbeads are also in human digestive systems and are causing a threat to waterways (“Microbeads found” and “Subcommittee acts”). Plastic pollution is injuring marine life such as turtles, birds, and whales. There are huge clusters of plastic in oceans, causing animals to eat the pollution and get caught in it (“Seabirds”). Plastic pollution is a problem and needs prevention, or oceans, marine life, and our lives will be in even more danger than they are now. Microbeads may be small in size, but they are causing large issues. Microbeads are made of polyethylene, “. . .the most…show more content…
Plastic microbeads are affecting waterways, what we eat, and marine life, but we can help prevent it. Pollution is a tricky problem to solve because, “. . . it would be difficult and expensive to remove plastic from the sea. . .” but, “researchers suggest it would be better to start managing waste,”. The researches continue to suggest that trying to reduce the amount of waste people produce would also be very helpful (“Plastic Peril”). There is an idea called Seawer, and it will strain and filter ocean water. The invention could catch bigger trash and also can prevent small plastic particles, such as microbeads, from entering the water. The system could do much more to benefit people too. It is able to, “. . . produce hydroelectric power and purify seawater for drinking and irrigation,” (Samoray). A simple thing that everyone can do is to get the word out. Switch to better products and tell people in the community. Contact industries and inform them why their product is bad for the world, and stop using it. Pollution does not have to be such a big problem if people make a stand, and…show more content…
The oceans and its inhabitants are in danger because of the human population and its waste, and people are also endangering their own health because of plastic pollution. Microbeads and the production of microbeads needs to be stopped to protect the water we drink and the animals. Stop buying products if the ingredients include “polyethylene” which means microbeads are in the object. Also, try to reduce how much plastic is used in everyday life. Instead of buying a plastic water bottle at the store, buy a reusable one and refill it every morning. Simple things, like changing the soap brand or not using plastic straws, will help change the world for
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