Essay On Plastic Waste Awareness

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The rapid rate of urbanization & economic growth has led to an increase in the generation of plastic waste in India. The amount of plastic waste generated is linked to the increase in population, growth & development activities & changes in the consumption & lifestyle of the people. Plastic is becoming a major stream in municipal solid waste. The total waste generated in Delhi is about 8,000 tonnes per day and plastic waste is about 574 tonnes per day. Plastic products have become an integral part in the day to day life for basic usage. Plastics have broad range of application and are extensively used in packaging, wrapping, shopping, toys, bags, PET bottles household & industrial products & building materials. It is a non-biodegradable substance…show more content…
So, disposing off the plastic wastes is a major problem because it may lead to soil pollution & underground water pollution. This has led to widespread littering of plastic waste on the landscape, which has resulted in a general deterioration of the hygiene in urban areas. This has attracted attention of many environmentalists, non-governmental organizations and government in solving the issue of hygiene and sanitation in the urban areas. The lack of infrastructure, disorganized management strategies in collection and transportation services, low public awareness and inadequate rules and regulation are the major challenges which the local authorities face and this has created an excess pressure on them to lessen the hazardous impacts of plastic waste on the environment. Also, on a different note there is an ever-increasing pressure on fossil-fuel sources. One of the ways to alleviate the effects of both these issues is to undertake catalysed pyrolysis of plastic solid wastes, which can produce a whole spectrum of useful hydrocarbons including paraffins, olefins &
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