Police Brutality Research Papers

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The abuse done by officers in this country is one of the best examples of serious and disruptive human rights violations. The damages continue nationwide in rural, suburban, and urban areas of the nation, devoted by various law enforcement personnel including city and state police, sheriff's departments, and federal agents. Police have been involved in unfair shootings, severe poundings, lethal chokings, and pointless rough conduct. While the quantity of repeatedly abusive officers on any force is usually small accountable experts including law enforcement supervisors, as well as local and federal government control often fail to act definitively to restrain or punish such acts. Police brutality is a performance of wrongdoing done by an affiliate…show more content…
Because of this it became an issue when an officer did not actually see a crime being committed by an individual or if there was no actual reasonable suspicion of a person committing a crime. Lastly, unreasonable searches are a form of police brutality because in recent years it has been more frequent that terrorist attacks and or shootings have occurred. Since this has happened Congress and Courts have allowed law enforcement officers to be able to ask a person for identification and check for weapons in airports and such. As well as police officers are able to search a person in a public place if the office has come to the conclusion that he or she has reasonable suspicion. To the point where law enforcement officers go ahead of their boundaries when searching is when they enter a person’s home without permission and without a warrant as well as at times it can be when there is no presence of an…show more content…
Police officers and law enforcement officials are trained to stop threats and protect everyone as much as they can. Unfortunately, at times the duty can be stressful to where the officer may want to just use full force on an individual when in custody or when restrained. Because of this a method of relaxation for anyone in law enforcement should be implemented to get rid of the urge of these officers to use full force and beat on individuals or do even worse things to them. There are many different ways that police brutality has been conducted. Many times, it is when an officer is on duty and has the upmost opportunity to do what they want when no one is around. As well police brutality can be conducted while an individual is in custody in the police station. To the point where they are being restrained and investigated by an officer. None of this should be permittable by any law enforcement
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