Effects Of Pollution Essay

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Pollution has a big effect on Earth. In order to help the future generation I think action needs to be taken as soon as possible. Pollution not only effects the future generations but it has a big effect on human health today. Examples of the effect on our health would include but not limited to, the decrease in quality of air leads to several respiratory problems including asthma or lung cancer, and numerous many other illnesses, some known and some unknown, that can cause negative impact on the human health and quality of life, for now and many generations to come in the future. When pollutants contaminate the natural surroundings, this is known as pollution. Our ecosystem and the balance in the environments are disturbed by pollution.…show more content…
The polluted water tends to dissolve away many of the important natural nutrients that are in the soil which change the overall make up and structure of the soil which can effect the plant materials and other uses of the soil. Noise pollution is also a big type of pollution that many people may not know about. Most of us do not realize that sound, loud music, television, people talking on the phones, have become part of our culture and rarely disturbs us. These noises that tend to disrupt the natural rhythm of life which is when noise pollution takes place. Physical pollution of air, water and other radioactive materials are defined as radioactive pollution. Radioactivity is when certain materials emit the proton, gamma rays and electrons by their nucleus is known as radioactivity. These materials are passed through the land to the water and in return can cause adverse effect on aquatic animals , then reach humans through the food chain. A large amount of pollution in our environment are produced by the fuel and coolant. Also rich in radioactive materials are atomic reactors. The biggest problems with radioactive materials are the disposing. If these materials are not properly disposed of, they can be very harmful to living

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