Effects Of Pornography Addiction

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Executive summary The purposes of the study were to examine counselors’ views, attitudes and perceived competencies regarding the treatment of Internet pornography addiction, and explore the current status and best practices as perceived by experts in the field of sexual and Internet pornography addiction training in counsellor education programs. This study is believed to be the first to ascertain counselors’ comfort with, attitudes toward, and perceived sense of competence in working with clients who have a selfassessed Internet pornography addiction. The purpose of obtaining expert opinions was to determine if there was a discrepancy between what is occurring and what should be occurring according to those most able to make the assessment by their education, experience, and research surrounding Internet pornography addiction. The following are the research questions which guided the study: 1) What is the perceived sense of competence counselors have in regards to treating the process addiction of Internet pornography? i) How satisfied are counselors with the amount of training they have received in regards to the process addiction of Internet pornography addiction? ii) How competent do counselors believe they are in counseling clients who are addicted to Internet pornography? iii) How comfortable are counselors in discussing Internet pornography addiction issues with clients? Respondents seem generally more dissatisfied with sexual addiction training in their programs of
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