Effects Of Pornography On Marriage

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The Effects of Pornography in Relationships and Marriages:
Kleponis, P. (2010, July 6). The Effects of Pornography on Wives and Marriages. Retrieved from http://www.covenanteyes.com/2010/07/06/the-effects-of-pornography-on-wives-and-marriages/

This article reveals the effects porn can have on relationships, marriages, and families as a whole. Porn can have a negative effect on relationships in more ways than one would think. I found this article very interesting because I myself have been in a relationship where porn became a huge problem for the person I was with. It not only had an impact on him, but it made me question my own appearance and whether or not I was good enough.
Some women don’t mind if their significant other watches pornography, but in many cases when this is not communicated in the beginning of the relationship as something that is going to be accepted, the women can then end up feeling very betrayed if and when they find out. The use of pornography not only effects the way they view their husbands but has a huge impact on the way they view themselves. They may feel betrayed, lied to, and even replaceable. Often times this goes much deeper than having to overcome the feeling of his betrayal. In some cases they lose respect for their husbands which in turn has an impact on their family life as well.

Does size matter:
Castleman, M. (2014, November 1). How Women REALLY Feel About Penis Size. Retrieved September 02, 2016, from
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