Effects Of Poverty In Education

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1.1 Background to the study
According to the Nziramasanga Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training (1999), Terms of the Commission was required to identify specific areas in the education system requiring reform on a short term, medium term and long term basis. The commission thus identified early childhood development and education as one of decisive areas where the foundation of basic principles and philosophy of Zimbabwe`s education system would be laid so that a child is prepared to meet the challenges of the future. Many children in the developing countries, for which Zimbabwe is one, are confronted with a difficult road ahead of their growth from infancy to adulthood (Moyo et al, 2001).
Accordingly, children’s transition from
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The correlation between poverty and early childhood development is far from simple and direct, and is much more complex than simply the effects of poverty alone. Poverty has and will continue to precipitate huge suffering for innumerable children in Zimbabwe.
The researcher’s experience as a teacher at Chimango Primary School in Mudzi district in comparison to current experiences at Old Windsor Primary School which is a private school motivated this research. Lack of resources, equipment, skilled teachers and teacher pupil ratio of about 1:38 were some of the challenges that the children experienced at Chimango Primary School. In addition to this, most pupils came to school on an empty belly and the school did not have a feeding programme and others came barefooted and in their own home clothes because their parents could not afford to buy them school uniform. On the other hand, at Old Windsor Primary School, learning materials are planned for every term and are sufficient for scholars, teachers are highly skilled and the learners are given tea and bread at break time in addition
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What are the effects of poverty on the social-development of ECD-B children?
2. What are the effects of poverty on ECD-B children’s emotional development?
1.4 Research Objectives
1. To establish the effects of poverty on the social development of ECD-B children.
2. To identify how poverty affect the ECD-B children’s emotional development.
1.5 Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study was to establish the effects of poverty on the development of ECD-B children in Goromonzi District in Mashonaland East province with the aim of suggesting sound educational policies, measures and solutions to minimize the consequences of poverty on the development of ECD-B children.
1.6 Assumptions of the Study
The study assumed that
 Poverty affects ECD development milestones,
 There are home based factors that affect children’s development.
1.7 Limitations of the Study
Financial resources are likely to negatively affect the researcher’s efforts to undertake a sound and comprehensive research. The researcher confided the research to only three primary schools in Goromonzi District. The selection of the three schools and the classes was carefully and purposefully done to ensure that the findings are authentic. Accordingly, the results of the study cannot be generalized because this was a case

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