Effects Of Poverty In South Africa

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2. Poverty and how it is related to South Africa:

POVERTY: Poverty also means that people are unable to meet there basic needs which leads to the state of being inferior of quality or can be seen as a state of being extremely poor.

How does poverty have an effect on South Africa?

South Africa is most defiantly affected by poverty for various reasons. There are 3 main reasons of poverty in South Africa.


OVERRPOPULATION: This is a situation of having a large number of people with too few resources and too little space. In South Africa we have too much people are we are most defiantly over populated. The resources in South Africa are not able to support all the people living in South Africa it is only possible to support a few people.


BIRTHRATES: High birth rates contribute to overpopulation in South Africa. Children are assets to many poor families because they provide labor, usually for farming.

LACK OF RESOURCES: South Africa lack’s essential raw materials which is needed for survival and also lacks skills gained through formal education and Skills which are required for a country to develop.


This has an effect on famous brands because they are not able to provide jobs to everybody in South Africa due to overpopulation and high birthrates. And because we have a lack of resources in South Africa it makes it difficult for

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