How Does Abigail Williams Affect The Crucible

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The crucible is a play based on a historical event that happened approximately 3 centuries ago. This plays talks about a small village (Salem) in Massachusetts that confronted a horrible event, witchcraft. Hysteria invaded people´s mind causing chaos around the village; their Puritan beliefs obligated them to do horrible things even if they did not wanted. Many people were condemned to prison, while others were hanged; the only way to save their souls was to confess their acts. Trials were made to many people that “supposedly” committed witchcraft; but, these trials were unfair. While chaos invaded Salem, some people were gaining power; witchcraft benefited them. Abigail Williams one of the most empowered of the play, controlled people´s mind…show more content…
“Now look you… I will come to you in the black of some terrible night… bring a reckoning that will shudder you… I can make you wish you had never seen the sun go down”. In order to save herself she did extreme things; she made people fear of her, that way people would obey. In act II, she accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchery; she said that Elizabeth used poppets to damage her. Abagail Williams had a horrible obsession with John Proctor; she invented false testimonies in order to keep away Elizabeth form John. The fact is that because her name was pure in Salem, almost everybody trusted her. Abigail Williams accused lots of people in Salem, even people with a good reputation and good souls; she wanted to save herself so she did wrong things. In act III, she pretend that she was possessed by Mary Warren, repeating everything Mary said. How we can see, she was not a sane woman; after being the good niece from Reverend Parris to being a horrible and pitiless woman. She started the rumors of witchcraft in the whole Salem just to stay with John, doing impossible things to keep herself saved and to keep John. Also, Abigail was one rebel, she confronted God with all her acts; people in Salem fear of doing certain things like that. Abigail took advantage by doing that; people had certain fear to Abigail, so they…show more content…
This issue invaded people´s mind with insane ideas; this caused hysteria, causing chaos around the whole village. Trials were made to some people that supposedly committed witchcraft; but these trial were unfair. The only way so save their lives from hanging in a rope was to confess. Lots of people were accused unfairly so, they did not wanted to confess something false. But, during this hysteria in the whole village many people got some power from these events. Some slaves became officials of the court, others had the right to condemn lots of people to death, etc. Even one of them controlled people´s mind with threats and fake testimonies; it was kind of a blackmail to other people. Abigail Williams, Mary Warren, and Reverend Hale were the people that got benefited the most from this horrible event, witchcraft. These people were able of become from insignificant people to superior people that could control many people. So, what can we say is that were problems are among us, some people can take advantage of that and use it to get some power. Even if the characters did not knew they gained power, the affected people know that really
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