Effects Of Public Speaking Anxiety

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Public speaking anxiety is very common among people even before and it even become worse nowadays as people take it seriously affects their lives in a more difficult way.

On the other hand, anxiety is a cognizant worries of the mind usually over an impending serve. Public speaking anxiety is the fear over a large number of people locking in front making a speech or delivering a speech. Public speaking anxiety is somehow related to social phobia, where social phobia is the fear of the people around and somewhat like afraid to join or mingle with one another or to large crowd

Moreover, speaking in class is most frequently difficult for anxious students, even though they are good in giving ideas or they have that
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Presumably, if people are achievement oriented and driven, they are more into worrying about performance and appearance. If they wanted to feel good to themselves by succeeding in everything, that could simply add enough anxiety to make public speaking uncomfortable as well as the terrifying experiences.

Research Problem Having this kind of anxiety is somehow difficult to handle. This problem is needed to address especially to the person who have this kind of fear or anxiety that causes hand ships to oneself.

Rationale of the study

This papers aims to identify the factors and effects of public speaking anxiety and the proven intervention to lessen or decrease such fear to an individual and for then to know how deal such anxiety.
More knowledge about this particular study is needed for the readers so that that will have enough understanding about this topic and having knowledge of what really is Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA).

Thesis statement

In this student, the researchers intend to answer the following questions:

1.What is PSA (Public Speaking Anxiety)?

2.What could be the factors why students have
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This fear is often accompanied by a variety of physical and

emotional reaction that can significantly interfere with a person’s ability to successfully give a speech or presentation, including intense feelings of anxiety, worry, nervousness, trembling or shaking, sweating and dizziness.” According to Winconsin’s polytechnic University.

Public speaking anxiety is a psychological response and also analyzed as social anxiety disorder which

is non-generalized type at clinical levels. It is also related with significant distress and impairment in a

substantial portion on the population (Aderka et. Al., 2012). In a simple manner it is hard to defines, as it

depends on their unique references. Many people would fear public speaking than other things. Anxiety

that occurs just because simple are exhausting.

Based on Bodies’ (2010) perspective “the competence in public speaking is paramount to the student’s success in and out of the classroom”. An individual with public speaking anxiety will affects especially in school, as to where public speaking in common. Kitano (2001) note that “speaking skills is usually the first thing that learners compare with that of peers, teacher, and native

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