Effects Of Racism In Malaysia

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How & Why Racism Happens in Malaysia. Racism, by its simplest definition is the belief that a particular race is superior or interior to another, that a person social and moral trait are predetermined by his or her inborn biological traits. As we know, Malaysia is globally known with various ethnic races and religions, with Malays, Chinese & Indians as the majority. Racism happens every day around the world regardless of any countries, even in Malaysia. Racism is a very sensitive issue as it discriminates and offends people of a certain race. Racism brings bad consequences as for it may result in causing racial destruction and disharmony among the people living in a particular country. Plus, racism also causes conflict and war, take the tragedy that happened on the 13th of May during the year 1969 in Malaysia for example. The problem caused is mainly due to racial politics, which is also related to racism. So, how can we overcome this racism issue upon reaching advanced vision of 2020 and why yet this is still happening.

Prejudice basically happens due to the tenacity and obstinate of a sure gathering of individuals. Those individuals who are bigot most likely are feeling self-prevalent, lack of awareness and narrow-mindedness. They needed to extol their own particular races so gravely that they segregate and disregard individuals of different races, at the end of the day they are attempting to cut down other races ' pride and picture to feel fulfilled and glad for their

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