Racial Discrimination In America

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Racism is one of the largest and most prominent issues in America today. It is affecting people of different ethnicities on a day to day life, and most people who are not affected by it are completely blind to it. It should never be justifiable to treat a person differently because of their skin color, yet it continues to happen. Racism is a vast issue in America and people are being affected by it in the workplace, police force, and in society in general. Racism affects African Americans with extremity. A huge majority of blacks, around 71%, have been affected or experienced racial discrimination (“Inequality”). Even worse, of that majority, 47% said that someone acted suspicious of them because of their race at least once in…show more content…
In 2014, “households headed by blacks was $43,300, and for whites it was $71,300” (“Inequality”). These kind of statistics show the unfair income rates of African Americans, and that does not just go for uneducated black people with a low income job. Among adults with a bachelor's degree, black households earned $82,300, compared with white households earning $106,600, a significantly higher amount for the same degree of education (“Inequality”). Along with the discrimination in income, “many blacks also report feeling like others have questioned their intelligence. Some 45% say that in the past 12 months people have treated them as if they were not smart because of their race or ethnicity” (“Inequality”). Considering all the discrimination African Americans are already getting, stupidity also comes to mind when some see a black person. To add onto this, a majority of white people think of themselves as better off than blacks in general. Among whites, 47% say they are better off than blacks financially, and only 5% of whites think that African Americans are just as well off or better than whites (“Inequality”). Racial issues have a huge effect on blacks in America, but most “white adults have widely different perceptions about what life is like for blacks in the U.S.” (“Inequality”) so not much is getting done to make a…show more content…
Just last month a 17 year old black boy from Blue Valley Northwest was shot and killed. “Albers was shot by an officer who was responding to a report of a male threatening to take his own life at that location” (“Shooting”). John Albers was shot just outside his house by a white policeman, for little to no reason. “Police said when they arrived at the scene and approached the home, the garage door opened and a vehicle exited, "moving rapidly" toward one of the officers. At that point, the officer fired, killing Albers” (“Shooting”). Rightfully so, “the officer who shot Albers has been placed on administrative leave”(Palmer). Despite this, these terrible instances are still happening everywhere and all the time, “and, for many blacks, racial equality remains an elusive goal”(“Inequality”). Although many are doing all they can to fix Racial issues, “crime and punishment in America has a color” (Loury) and that is not going to be changed until people realize the problem America has and make that change themselves to rid it of the racism it has been living with for decades. Racial inequality is a very large and growing issue in America, and not much is being done about it. It continues to go unnoticed that African Americans are treated unfairly in mostly every aspect of their lives. Primarily the police force and government have large issues with race, but all forms of racial inequality need to be put to a

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