What Was The Impact Of Reconstruction On African Americans

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Reconstruction was an attempt reconcile the country and bring it back together, however it was not the success Abraham had hoped it to be when initiated before being assassinated. The failure had many effects on African American communities in both the north on the south both negative and positive. Socially black slaves were freed but not really accepted into society. Black codes were utilized which placed pressure on African Americans about things like when to meet with friends and where they should live. Discrimination against black flourished as the Ku Klux Klan a group of people who wore robes and mask went around pretending to be the ghost of Confederate soldiers. They were had no desire for blacks to have rights and felt that they should be slaves. By attacking, burning their homes and killing blacks in the north and…show more content…
There were the Jim Crow Laws which supported discrimination & racial segregation. African Americans were poverty stricken and this was a global issue in the South, newly freed blacks had no economic opportunities and very little jobs being offered. Although reconstruction failed there was a success with the school systems, segregated yes, but there was still an attempt made to educate blacks. Also created a functioning, government in which blacks and whites could participate so African Americans were able to hold office. The ability to vote as an African American was definitely one great result because although there were attempts to place fear to not vote by the Ku Klux Klan there was still the right to have that voice. I feel that it is the fault of the federal government, states and the people. Because all of the issues that occurred with reconstruction, politically economically, socially the loss of interest and urge to fight. If there was the continued support from everyone then this attempt to discontinue the division could have possibly been a
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