Self Esteem And Academic Achievement

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In this essay, I will be critically considering the impact of how relationships that I have formed with my students enhanced or reduced their self-esteem and the impact it had on their academic achievement during my school experience. Below I will be linking the various theories that are associated with concepts that I will be referring to and examples will be given below to support my statements. I will be stating what self-esteem is, Positive self-esteem as well as low self-esteem and how a parents or teacher can boost a child’s self-esteem as well as their academic achievement.
According to Gerald, C.M (1996), “Self-concept is viewed as the aspects of one’s self-image that are basically descriptive and nonjudgmental whereas self-esteem is
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Most teachers nowadays have a system that they follow where they don’t necessarily help a child with every single thing. Either they tell the child go home and ask your mom and dad what the answer is or how to do a certain thing, but most children go home and they don’t have parents that are willing to help them. The majority of the parents in this world have the mindset that the teachers at the school are meant to do everything and they are just meant to pay the school fees and not worry about what their children are being taught. When parents do not make time for their children, this lowers a child’s self-esteem. The child then starts to think does my mother care about me, why isn’t she making any time for me, why does she say I must go away when she’s busy talking to my father and doesn’t she trust me. Not having time for your child in the class can affect them greatly. They need love even if it is just from the teacher. They will flourish. I saw when I gave attention to my students their work flourished they were eager to see my approval they were thirsty for any form of recognition, any form of…show more content…
When I was teaching and asked questions only those students that achieved outstanding marks would put up their hands to answer my question, but those students who received slightly less good marks and did not receive good feedback shy away from answering my questions. Most children need someone to talk to, they need their parents whether it be their mom or dad to fetch them from school, they need to be shown that they are appreciated and that they are actually important enough for someone to make time for them and to ask them how they are feeling and how their day went. Learners in my class who had low self-esteem were usually the ones who were afraid to stand up in the front of the class and perform an oral or simply answer a question. Those who had high self-esteem were eager to speak their minds and did not shy away from a

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