Cause Of Conflict In Nigeria Essay

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Conflict has always been present throughout history until the contemporary era. Money, power, competition for resources are some of the most common triggering factors for a conflict to arise between nations in the globe. Government of each country have tried different forms of agreements – from pacts to treaties but none has yet offered full effectiveness in preventing rising tensions and conflicts in the recent and even in the coming years. Since there are a lot of factors that trigger conflicts, the research will scope down to a more uncommon contributing factor – ethnicity and their religion. Ethnicity as defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a large group of people belonging to a same belief of customs, origins, traditions,
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This so-called Boko Haram group have created chaos all over the northern part of the country and even up to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Boko Haram practices an extreme belief system called the Sharia Law that poses threat to Nigeria’s religion - Christianity. These two beliefs are very contradicting with regards to moral code and the belief of what is right in the eyes of their perceived god. According to United States Institute of Peace, the Boko Haram aims to seize the Federal State of Nigeria and construct pure Islam religion mainly governed by the Sharia Law, but their motives and future plans are not yet fully…show more content…
It worsens such events like the northern Nigeria conflict. Another factor that could potentially contribute to the worsening of the said event is the conflicting ideas of both beliefs, since one belief thinks that it is superior or more correct than the other. What they believe would also be included in the said matter, with that the researchers mean, their belief system would also be a factor to increase the tension. As mentioned in the case study, one example would be the Sharia Law which is undoubtedly violent and unmoral for the views of other people, but we cannot blame them for it is their

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