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CAUSE-EFFECT ESSAY OUTLINE I. Introduction Nowadays , Malaysia is a well-develop country since its own independence day on 31st August 1957 . There are lot of achievement and success has been reached day by day . But , did you know the country of Malaysia ranked 20th position in the world as most fatal road accidents in the world ? This show that the number of accidents in Malaysia has been increased .The reason of this happen is the condition of road in Malaysia is unsafe for the drivers . II. Body A. :It is reveals that the condition of road in Malaysia is unsafe for users . 1. : Buletin Utama in 2007 stated that there are some roads in Malaysia is not suitable for drivers to travel at night . a.:” The street lights at a couple of…show more content…
Old habits die hard and we definitely understand. Maybe you guys should start placing your phone numbers nearby the windshield from the inside of your car if you decided to do so.(funny Malaysia ,2013) ii.In 2013 ,Funny Malaysia also stated that rushing for a REAL emergency is the actual reason why the lane existed there in the first place. However, we kinda make use of it to avoid traffic jams which isn’t the main purpose of the existence. About 20-30% of you guys end up getting summoned. D. (Transition paragraph) Those problems that had been stated above can be the reason why the number of accidents in Malaysia increase. This will effect the drivers to face a high risk of fatal accident . E. Negligance may happen when user travels using the unsafe road . 1. : Due to damage or lack of lamppost in Malaysia resulting the driver unable to drive as usual . a. :This problem can lead to negligence by the drivers that contributed to most road accidents that occur in Kota Kinabalu .(Daily Express ,2014) I : Penampang District Police Chief DSP Ratan Kumar said that the stretch where the accident occurred was dark and had no street lights 2. : Many bad roads in Malaysia lead to high risk of fatal accidents among drivers

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