Effects Of Rock Music

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Listening to music is one of the popular things people do for leisure. Humans have been constantly surrounded by music and as time goes, it became more complex. Music is one form of art that is also beneficial for human beings because of its effects like the encouragement to motivate and its creativity. Many things have changed since the 21st century began. One of these is the music evolution. We still have our main genres which include pop, rock and electronic dance music. But we also have created some subgenres through time, namely punk rock and metal rock. Rock music is a genre that has a heavy sound. It is often accompanied by electric guitar, bass, drums and a vocalist. It has many subgenres like the loud and soft but majority of songs in this genre convey emotions like anger, sorrow, etc. The distorted sound of the electric guitar and the loud sound of the drums can be an effective way to express emotions because it can boost mood. The researchers would use a couple of music theories to support this study. These music theories help this study by serving as the basis. The theories reflect positive outcome to the listeners and this research might prove otherwise if not stand their ground. The researchers use rock music as a variable which leans toward the theories for support. The youth is especially connected with music and use them in their daily lives. Studies show that this causes certain effects in their mood,
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