Rock Music Influence

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Listening to music is one of the popular things people do for leisure. Humans have been constantly surrounded by music and as time goes, it became more complex. Music is one form of art that is also beneficial for human beings because of its effects like the encouragement to motivate and its creativity. Many things have changed since the 21st century began. One of these is the music evolution. We still have our main genres which include pop, rock and electronic dance music. But we also have created some subgenres through time, namely punk rock and metal rock.
Rock music is a genre that has a heavy sound. It is often accompanied by electric guitar, bass, drums and a vocalist. It has many
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The psychological effects of rock music
4. The effects of rock music to creative thinking

RESEARCH IMPEDIMENT The following are the scope and limitations of this research.
• This study is limited to the Arts & Design students.
• The number of respondents is limited only to 50 comprised of male and female senior high students.
• This study is limited only in PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila.
• This study covers how the different genres of music can affect the artworks of Arts & Design students.
This study will be beneficial to the following:
For the Artistic Industry. The industry could give it a try to find other ways on how to enhance the capabilities and thus the work of artists.
For the Companies. The employers could use this research to further enhance their employees ' work and therefore up their status.
For the School. This could help the school discover and create more artists that would bring pride and honor to its name.
For the Clients. Those who are into buying the artworks would be greatly satisfied with the outcome.
For the Teachers. This research could assist teachers on how to handle their creative students well.
For the Parents. This could be a way for parents to appreciate and nurture their gifted child(ren)

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