Segregation Pros And Cons Essay

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Upon browsing the effects of segregations and the legacy of slavery one would find many publishings upon the topic. Majority of the findings would consist of how the legacy of slavery lingers in our cities’ ghettos and the effects of communal experiences. One would also find the effects of how segregation negatively impacts health, and how different races in our community feel about segregation. Novels like To Kill A Mockingbird and The Secret Life of Bees discuss how African Americans are solely looked down upon due to segregation . Both of these works demonstrate that the Legacy of Slavery and Segregation holds a negative effect on race relations in today’s society.
The Legacy of slavery is defined as the idea that all black people are minority - looked at as property used for personal benefit rather than as human beings.
“The deeper truth is that, for some three centuries now, the
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“Do some children have advantages that are not available to other children with differing backgrounds? In educational and economic studies, it has been found that background variables including family income, family type, family size, and parents ' education are determinants of the amount and quality of education children receive over their lifetime” (QTD De Serf 3). Not only do these variables have great effect on the achievement of a child 's education, but it 's also notable that ethnic groups plays an important part in the equation.
“Blacks ' poverty rates are proportionately higher than whites. With increased poverty, Wilson discusses increases in crime, joblessness, and out-of-wedlock births (1987). As these changes occur in mostly black communities, living conditions become unfavorable. As a result of increasing problems suffered by minorities in areas with concentrated poverty, education is harder to achieve and attainment is lower.(De Serf
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