Effects Of Self Blame On Self-Blame

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Jeff Pou Ming Fu and Chin Wen Cong
Literature Review Second Draft
Self-Blame: Unemployed Young Adults in Finding New Jobs
Our topic is self-blame in unemployed young adults in finding new jobs. The problem is that previous researchers have not addressed the effect of behavioural self-blame (BSB) and characterological self-blame (CSB) in unemployed young adults on their job seeking behavior. Self-blame implies an individual is taking up individual responsibility for the happening of a negative event faced (Janoff-Bulman, 1979, as cited in Kaur & Kaur, 2015). However, self-blame is classified into two types: BSB that stresses on controllable causes; and CSB that focuses on uncontrollable causes (Tilghman-Osborne, Cole, Felton, and
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Young people in transition to adulthood is a critical period of attitude and identity formation, therefore, coping behavior that are needed for successful transition to work such as active job search, acquisition of credentials through job training, or higher education will diminish due to lack of confidence in unemployed young individual (Mortimer et al., 2016). According to Willemse (2015), unemployment exerts a negative effect on the psychological well-being of unemployed individual and self-blame is one of the negative…show more content…
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