Effects Of Selfie Culture On Social Media

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This research proposal is a study investigating whether the ‘selfie’ culture on social media is a main concern that leads to the rise in narcissism behaviour among Singapore young adults. In this IT-savy society, the word ‘selfie’ are a ever-present phenomenon in almost every young adults. Oxford English Dictionary defined ‘Selfie’ as a self-photography of ourselves, usually using digital devices such as smartphone and be shared to social media. The act of taking ‘selfie’ and sharing to various social media has become a part of life among young adults nowadays. Young adult, aged 18 to 33, are very connected with technology. Other than themselves, they shows very little awareness or concerns for other people. A research that
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Specifically finding out taking ‘selfie’ and posting on social media could lead to the rise in narcissism behaviour among young adults. Additionally, the opinions of Singapore young adults about taking and posting ‘selfie’ to social media will also be explored.

Personal Experiences and Perspective
Growing up with the inception of internet and social media, I have seen how both had take over and impacted on the lives we live in. As a fellow student, I have use social media to interact with my peers to advance in our academic and communication skills. I had also come upon to know different cultures and societies through the use of social media by connecting with people in other countries.

This research will be using the positivist paradigm. As described by Weerakkody, this paradigm “seeks to obtain knowledge by discovery. Therefore, it is linked to pure research and the epistemology of objectivism.” (2009,
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After which, we will be able to have a sound understanding of the behaviour and psychological make-up of the youngsters, especially these are the group of people who would help shape the society. Indeed, it would be worrisome for the government whose emphasis have been towards the promotion of family values and love and respect for authority and good neighbours – these would imply youngsters who are able to see beyond their own concerns. Research Topic and Field
This research proposed will look into the topic of narcissism on social media and is within the field of Sociology, “a study of human interaction that focus on the social influences shaping personality, structure and dynamics of human society” (Giddens, et al., 2000). It is also under the field of New Media. Media “that is related to the Internet and the interplay between technology, images and sound” are considered as New Media (New Media Institute, 2014). It can also refer to “the technologies of telecommunication and computing, new user devices, and their practical applications(Frederick 1988)
The research literature was mostly obtained from the the selected literature was mostly obtained from the of the Murdoch Reference Libraries and the Singapore National Library Board
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