Effects Of Sexual Assault On Campus

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Sexual assault has students on campuses living with shame, embarrassment, and pain, which affect the victims and those around them. This horrendous crime has destroyed many lives and continues to do so, especially when the crimes go unheard. Education is an important part of our society in the world we live in today and is vital for progression. When someone is given a proper education, they receive many additional opportunities that one wouldn’t have other wise and when an individual goes to school they should be able to learn without being harmed in any way. Unfortunately the safety of being on campus is under question as an alarming number of people on campus have reported being sexually assaulted on campus. This discovery is something that communities need to realize is occurring more than it is being reported and we need to cease this horrendous crime from happening. Sexual Assault on college campuses greatly affects the lives of those assaulted and even those in the community. According to the United States Department of Justice “One out of every four female undergraduates will become a victim to some form of sexual assault before graduation” (Realities, 1). Sexual assault can have both physical and emotional impacts on the victim and can cause emotional trauma that makes day-to-day life very difficult. Students find that they have a harder time succeeding in school after being sexually assaulted, because they cannot stop thinking about what happened to them, in

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