Effects Of Single Parenting On Parents

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about themselves. There are a lot of things that might go wrong due to the impact of emotions that the separation of parents has brought unto them.
Due to the emotional effect caused by the divorce and having single parent, children would not be open to others and they would have difficulties in making friends because they think that they will be bullied because of not having a mother or a father. They would change. They would not be what they used to be. Instead of being happy they will be lonely. Instead of being cheerful, they would be shy. They would not be able to speak out for themselves as they worry too much about being judged for having a single parent. They would feel left out on graduations. And instead of them focusing on their studies and living a happy life as a child, they would be always worrying and thinking about negative things. And these are caused, all because of single parenting.
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Children are quick to pick up on negativity and may blame themselves for the situation or for your break up”. Children would often ask themselves if they have done anything wrong or something to make their parents mad. But nevertheless, they try to comfort them and tell them that everything is all right. Parents would always do what they think would be best for their child. Obviously, no child should have to live without the love and care of both parents, but it is not the end of the world. We don’t think having both parents who are dysfunctional helps anyone in any way. No one should look at a child being raised by one parent and feel sorry for
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