Effects Of Slavery

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The first Africans who came to America arrived in 1619 in the colony of Jamestown, Virginia. Dutch traders traveled to Africa and came back to America with a ship full of captives. These people who consisted of men, women, and children of varied ages, were snatched away from their homes and, involuntarily put in ships and would soon become slaves. This process was called the Atlantic slave trade, it started in the 15th century, selling African captives to Europeans and shipped to different places such as Brazil and America. When they arrived here, they were sold to white men and were given certain tasks to complete. The females and children were forced to work in the fields, growing crops such tobacco and cotton, and men were typically assigned…show more content…
When the Natives were killed from diseases, the decrease of the population decreased labor work and made it hard for the Europeans to produce enough products to satisfy their needs. They thought the best solution to this problem was to have other people-indentured slaves- do the work, and surely, they did. Millions of Africans were forcefully migrating to America and slavery rapidly expanded, especially in the south. In fact, it became a way of life, and slaves were working day and night producing and growing crops for the southerners to profit from, such as the production of cotton. The cotton industry skyrocketed, and the southerners relied on the slaves to produce cotton and other product to keep their businesses running. However, after Missouri has been admitted into the Union in 1820, an issue regarding slavery arose. People in the north were antagonistic toward slavery and strongly believed that slavery should not spread throughout America, however, they did not want to demolish slavery in the south because if they did, then the slaveholders would lose their money and they won 't be able to pay the north what they owe them, in addition, if slaves were free, then they would take up the jobs and the land and homes and leave the whites with nothing. On the other hand, southerners wanted to keep slavery as a way of life because of geographical factors. The south was full of farmland, therefore, southerners own plantation and rely…show more content…
This escalated and became a big issue, the northerners wanted the state to be free because they were abolitionists and believed that people were created equal and that it was morally wrong to have slaves. The westerners, on the other hand, were concerned because, at the time, slaves were very valuable, and many of the rich white men 's money was tied to slavery, therefore, if they lose their slaves, they lose all of their profit. Furthermore, the congress had been debating for a while on whether Missouri should be a slave state or a free state and came to the conclusion to enter it as a slave state but enter the state of Maine, simultaneously, as a free state to maintain the balance. The compromise stated that all land above latitude 36°; 30 ' N would forever be free states. This, however, was only a temporary
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