Effects Of Smartphones In Class Essay

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Phones in Class: Is it Really a Good Idea?

Student grades throughout the years have been dropping. according to Patterns and Trends in Grade Retention in the United States, The average GPR (grade point retention) in 2005 was 2.9. In the same 5 years smartphones became a big deal, the average GPR dropped to 1.5. And than just the problem: phones. Many schools are still allowing students to use their smartphones during school for “school” reasons. Cell phones should almost never be used in classrooms. This is because of a few reasons. Their brains aren 't fully developed, they aren 't as trustworthy, so they will lie about it, and they won 't be as focused on the lesson, but instead their phone.

First, is the issue of trust. For one thing, with all the social media platforms out there, it 's tempting to talk to your friends. For example, after 20 years of teaching, Miriam Morgenstern is resigning from her teaching position this month. Her frustration with students using phones in class had gotten to its peak. “an incredible distraction, and makes it much more difficult to teach,” she said. “You’ll get kids saying,
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Some people may say “can 't they listen to music while working?” I agree that they can and should. But when they have to keep changing the song, it 's not okay. They need to have headphones and a playlist already made. They only look at their phone to turn on and off their music, and they keep their phones on the desk or in their pocket. Others will say “if there is an emergency I want my kids to tell me”. First, the school will notify the parents if anything is wrong at the school. If there is an extreme threat than involves weapons, teachers will allow students to text your mom. An example of this was at our school, we had an incident and we went into a soft lockdown. When I asked to text my parents, she said only if there was a real threat at THIS school. Since it was at the other school a few blocks down, we didn 't really have anything to
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