Effects Of Smoking Essay

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Smoking is a habit that many needless harm. Smoking is harmful to health. In our country, an estimated one-quarter of deaths from diseases related to smoking. This rate is expected to increase from year to year. In fact, according to some studies, showing that one of the two tobacco users will die from smoking or exposure to tobacco use. In other words, half of all smokers will die before reaching old age. Among the bad effect of smoking is smoker will be addicted, it can trigger discipline, affect the health and waste the money.

First effect of smoking is it will make smoker become addicted to it. This is because, cigarettes have tobacco contains nicotine and it will causes addiction. Nicotine alters the balance of chemicals in your brain. It mainly affects chemicals called dopamine and noradrenaline. Many smokers find this enjoyable. These are materials Fisikokimia has affecting the nervous system. It was also can causes of mental, physical and addictive drug. The contains in cigarettes has nicotine that it was reportedly producing chemical can give a reaction in the body. It was similar to that produced by drugs such as cocaine and heroin. It was prove it by World Health Organization (WHO). The changes happen very quickly. When you inhale the nicotine, it immediately rushes to your brain where it takes effect to produce feeling of pleasure and reduces stress and anxiety. The more you smoke, the more your brain becomes used to the

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