Social Stratification And Inequality

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The Effects of Social Stratification and Inequality Young men and women have been forced to live with impoverish and discriminatory lifestyles because of instability between the social classes. As more people continue to improve modern society, affluent, or greedy, citizenry have been a direct cause of impoverishment, causing for more individuals to continue being in a low and distasteful place. The anti-Semitic have a similar blame. Eventually, if the racial and stratisized situation is not changed, the mindsets of irrational people will lead to the downfall of different forms of government and systems; because of misuse and irresponsibility of wealth and racial duties our world will continue to deteriorate and destroy everything the general…show more content…
When young citizenry are brought forth by a situation, they unblinkingly stare deep within the abyss know as the problem, and afterwards, they take another look as if they are the victim or troubled being. Whereas, if they pull themselves outside the situation, and look into the spyglass upon which they are to be seen, they will notice the proper and more prosperous opportunities. As less proletariats exist, the wealth will be more equally dispersed throughout the world, providing for those who originally did not get the chance for financial success. As many more people continue to grow, more opportunities will be provided, permitting for people to consider the importance “to analyze conflicts as well as to develop the competence to deal with political controversies” (Schnebel). Although the non-centralization opportunities are important, remember that the centralization, as a general rule, is what will provide the future for…show more content…
As education is progressed so is the system of which people live; eventually, allowing for an end to social conflict. The idea of furthering education has helped many people, for example, Newton, Einstein, and others of their nature. Many scientists and politicians throughout the world have recognized that, as modern people,: “we discuss how prominent stratification theories might be extended to studies of the role of graduate and professional education” (Posselt and Grogsky), allowing for a more structured, and unperturbed government, financial system, and existence. The economy is always changing, but so are the people in it, so that means our society must stand unified, and not full of detachment. Whenever the time comes where intelligence is power, then the clever, bright, and brilliant young men and women are going to be the ones to succeed, not the regal

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