Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Social media is a tool that can we use for earn some information and to communication each other. This era is era of information and communication. So, people its easy to earn some information and communication with other people by social media. People usually use social media by his or her gadget in anywhere and anytime. So, that can be inferred that social media is an important things in this era. There are over 250 million person in Indonesia that 85% use social media and active in social media. Then, over 50% that civilian start from social media. Does social media give negative effects? Yes, I agree with this. Because, social media is very useful for all people in Indonesia. First, social media give or make people Anti – Social and then…show more content…
Second, you can know some information about worldwide. This era is era of information, so, you can get an information anywhere and anytime. You can use social media to know some information, information about criminal, trending topic, what hot, and hot news in the world. Third, you can read some article. In this era you can read some article to improve your knowledge. In this era when you don’t know about something, you can be competition with other people, because this era is era of competition. Then, who know so much as you know about information you can win the competition, the who win the competition you can be call as a success person in this world. And the last argument that can be call positive effect from use social media is you can easier to connect with family. In this era is era of information, communication, and competition. Then, if you to much focus for get information and win the competition you can be forget your family. So, with social media you can easier to connect to your family. Don’t forget to your family because family is like a home. Why? Because, family is some person who know your
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