Effects Of Social Media In The Philippines

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We live in a changing world. Everyone and everything change: people, animals, and plants, even rocks. This phenomenon brought about the saying that: “In this world there is nothing more constants than change.” One of the causes of a rapid and tremendous change in human interaction is the social media. Back in the Stone Age, people communicate only with grunts and actions. Facial expressions like a smile a frown show their emotions. Gradually language developed and it widened and deepened human interaction.
People are sociable species. We live interdependent lives. We start with a family. Its members are held together in their homes. Parents show their love to their children by action and words. And children articulated their respect and obedience by their behavior. Family relationships broadened into a neighborhood, then into a town and a province, and into a country. However because of vast distances from one another and lack of social media, we had great ethnic differences. There were as many languages as there many places people lived. We ourselves in the Philippines have many different languages in spite of being a small country. Even in Cebu, people living in the southern part have different intonations and meanings in their locality from those residing at the northern places. But because of the learning of English in school and listening to English over television, and the radio, we can understand each other in English. This is a big change brought through by the
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