Effects Of Social Media On Education Essay

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The growth of social networks in recent years has changed the way internet is experienced by the majority of end users. Social media is based on the idea of how people meet and interact with others. Gives people the power-sharing, make the world more open and connected to them. Social networks have a decisive influence on our life because it helps a lot in all areas of political, economic and educational life. People watch billions of videos on YouTube every day. Every hour users upload or download video content. Every day, over 90 percent of students visit a social networking site. People have integrated these networks into their daily routines, using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online gaming environments and other tools. The use of…show more content…
Because of continued access to the networking site may cause visual problems, sitting in the same position for a long time may cause back pain. Social media has made the world a smaller place, now we more ways to use it. Social media has improved our ability to absorb information which would have seemed to be overwhelming for anyone 20 years ago is normal for us, we have an extreme ease of processing and we are evolving rapidly. This is followed by the positive effects of social media on education: - 1. Google and education, Google has helped over 20 million students with education using their tools. 2. By spending Many hours with innovative technologies, students develop greater familiar connecting with computers and other electronic devices. 3. By focusing on teaching technology in education and business skills, students can acquire the skills to help in their lives. 4. Talents were discovered sooner and students skilled in programming got their names out there easily, students with good music, got videos out shared leading them to their dreams. 5. Many students were able to inform the public about their problems - using social media helps recognize social problems and solve
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