Effects Of Social Support On Academic Achievement

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Social Support. Albrecht and Adelman define social support as “a form of verbal and nonverbal communication between people with the purpose of reducing the uncertainty of situation, self, or relationship, it function to enhance person control of their life experience” (as cited in Mattson & Hall, 2011). In simple ways of defining social support is that it is a form of communication which helps individual felt better about certain situation. Social support have multiple version of definition, while Cohen (2004) refer social support as a social network that act as a supplier which fill their psychological and physical needs directly helps them cope with stress.
Academic Achievement. It is being refer as the level of success and outcome in studies, the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) were used to measure student academic success or achievement of students.

Background of Study
Social support have been a long researching topic in both medical and psychology field of study, had found the impact of social support and it’s significant on our lives. Multiple study suggested the effects and link of social support with health, resilience or stress coping, psychological well-beings and academic achievement (Ozbay, 2007; Reblin & Uchino, 2008; Ahmed, Minnaert, Werf & Kuyper, 2010). Aside from studying its effect there were also studies which aims to study the whether socioeconomic and gender are having an interrelation which would affect academic achievement.
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