Effects Of Spanish American War

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Effects of war to the United States
1.0 Effects of Spanish-American War to the United States
The Spanish-America war started on 25 April and ended in 12 August 1898, lasting only 10 weeks (cite). The main cause of the war was the United States economic interests in Cuba who under the Spanish colonial rule. With signing of the Treaty of Paris on 10 December 1898, Spain gave up Guam, Puerto Rico, its possessions in the West Indies, and the Philippines with United States compensating them with $20 million. The United States occupied these regions under guidance of the Teller Amendment of 19 April 1898 (cite).
The end to the Spanish-American war meant that United States controlled Cuba, there were fewer export restrictions, and a creation of foreign market that was a problem by the time. The American industries could now export their excess manufactured goods to Cuban islands while acquiring raw materials. With creation of new market, United States created more jobs for its people to strive and produce more. United States corporations expanded into Cuba under the imperialist foreign policy increasing profits for US.
There was unrest in the Philippines against the US troops resulting many deaths. The war itself had claimed about 3000 deaths of Americans by killings and diseases. Finally, the war reduced Spain to a minor power by losing its status as a major imperial power to the Unites States. Clearly, United States through the Platt Amendment allowed substantial determination
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