Argumentative Essay About School Start Times

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High school. This is an experience that almost every human has lived through. The four years of constant studying, staying up all night to meet a deadline, friend drama, and early mornings. These are the probably the most common memories any one can have about high school. Although, each generation’s high school experience varies greatly, at least one thing has remained the same: the early start times of the school day. According to research done by the National Sleep Foundation, the early starting times are negatively affecting the teenaged students. Yet, there are some people still unaccepting of the fact that the starting times have a bad impact on the health of students. The opinion piece “Opinion: Delaying school start times won’t prepare students for college, real world” posted on The Lantern by Rachel Feeley discusses the factors in which delaying the early starting times of schools can have a negative affect on the everyday lives of everyone involved. Feeley describes the action as “unnecessary” and “absurd”. Within the piece, Feeley argues that by delaying the start times of the schools teenage students will not be able to prepare for…show more content…
As mentioned by the National Sleep Foundation, teens not getting enough sleep can lead to a likelihood of experiencing depressed moods, and a risk of metabolic and nutritional deficits like obesity (“School Start Time and Sleep”). This means not only are the teens being negatively affected physically, but not enough sleep is also taking a toll on their mental health. In Rachel Feeley’s article she writes about her worries of kids not being able to participate in sports or extra-curricular activities if the school start times delay. However, her statement proves to be quite ironic since by worrying about the students’ health, Feeley is forgetting the negative aspects of early wake up
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