Effects Of Stereotyping In Society

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In today 's society we will encounter and face a myriad of problems. The more popular talked about problems that we face in America are issues like crime, poverty, global warming, health care, and terrorism. The many issues that we experience and face in society are just effects of issues we over look like stereotyping others for example. Many people including myself overlook how inappropriate stereotyping and just think of it as a frivolous issue . In everyday life we as human beings walk around judging others based on sorely their appearances. One of Society 's biggest problems that we are facing right now is in our society and is one of the most overlooked problems today is, stereotyping people. The issue stereotyping doesn 't just start their are numerous…show more content…
Though stereotyping is a big issue, there are an abundant amount of ways to break stereotyping. The easiest way possible to break these stereotyping is having an open mind to everyone. With having an open mind to people meeting others with different backgrounds and going to things with a diversity of people is something that could help with societies issue of stereotyping. When we start acknowledging the fact that we are individuals and that people don 't come in groups we will start to understand not to judge others as groups and not to judge all around. Losing labels that we put on others is also a problem with stereotyping in our society that we can easily fix and stop. The media is one of the hugest influences on stereotyping now in our society so if the media showed more positive and a more true impressions of the different people like religions, race, and sex people wouldn 't have a certain perception of others. One of the biggest things that might take a bit longer would be for people to start educating not just themselves, but others in our society, which would make a huge impact on this whole issue. Doing these things alone could help solve our issue in society of
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