Effects Of Stereotyping In Today's Society

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Stereotyping and today’s world Stereotyping occurs everywhere you go if you think about it. These situations can happen at home, work, and even schools. Stereotyping occurs mainly in learning environments either during (51.3%) or outside (53.8%) of class evidence from DHS students shows. Stereotypes do affect a students academic performance as well as their self image to a certain extent where they have to change who they are completely. Girls are weak and vulnerable while boys are strong and tough and do not shed a tear. All this stereotypes happen right here on this campus people just have to open their eyes and notice it 's happening around them and that it needs to stop.
First off, stereotypes do in fact exist on this campus whether we
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In the article, “Fairy Tales and Gender Stereotypes”, it expresses how children are being taught that women are very vulnerable and weak when it comes to inconvenient situations. However the article does provide a point and that is that many jobs are being labeled for men and women. Stated in the article on paragraph 2, “the secretary, assistant, or housework was categorized under “female while lawyers, CEO’s and higher-up positions were designated to “males”. This also affects school students because they are taking classes/pathways that will help them understand materials required for a certain career but society is labeling jobs that require more work or are in higher paying are considered to be jobs for men while jobs like taking care of children or simple house tasks are seen as jobs to be fulfilled for…show more content…
In conclusion, stereotypes do exist at Dinuba High School and they exist in other schools across the country. Stereotyping affects academics and performance in schools and it is an epidemic that needs to be controlled as they can greatly impact students either for the better or worse. Props to those who choose to ignore what people say and brush it off as a joke but for many it does hurt hearing and having to deal with stereotypes in current times. Stereotypes exist in the names people are given (eg. Muhammad = Muslim). They also exist in Fairy Tales and are teaching children that males are a gender that is required to lift the opposing gender (women) up from inconvenient situations. Take Cinderella for example where she was living a really bad life basically living as a slave but then the prince of the kingdom lifts her up the ladder and now she’s in the riches. Also in Sleeping Beauty where a prince comes and lifts a wretched curse and saves the day. From personal experience I do notice stereotyping occurring on this campus. In classes there’s always the same format of students. The popular kids, the class clown, the smart ones, the rebels are some labels I would consider the students. There’s always the stereotypes based on culture and races but also your involvement in schools. It’s not like these stereotypes are not true but in some cases they are. From my point of view I do encounter what many call jocks that care more about their athletics than their academics. But if

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